Celebrating the Inspirational Women at CarFirst

International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world to pay honor to the great women of our society. Empowering our women is very necessary for bringing gender equality and societies flourish where women are given equal respect and are not taken for granted. As we mark International Women’s Day 2019, there has never been a better time to talk about female empowerment. We celebrate this day as a tribute to the women who broke ground towards progress. A celebration of how far women have come, recognition of their achievements and a discussion on how much work is still left to do. It is the women today who are doing wonders in their respective fields of expertise and setting themselves as inspirational examples for other women across the world.

CarFirst launched Pakistan’s first all-female Purchase Center for used cars in Mini Market Gulberg Purchase Center, to create a space for women to comfortably interact and make a sale. Operations of this Purchase Center are fully managed by a female purchase manager and a female inspection specialist, who happens to be Pakistan’s 1st car mechanic.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to recognize all the wonderful women working at CarFirst, who are just a few of the many super smart, talented, and amazing women we work with every day. These #CarFirstWomen across Pakistan also have messages of hope, solidarity, and inspiration for women around the world.

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“CarFirst was built as a company that would work for everyone: We wanted to create opportunities for women so to economically empower them at every stage of their lives. That means every woman having the freedom and the support to make active and informed choices. CarFirst is working hard to change this persistent cultural narrative that the auto industry mostly employs men. We are proud of our female staff members who excel across all company departments and am happy to share that we are constantly looking to hire women for traditionally male-dominated roles.” – CarFirst CEO, Raja Murad Khan


CarFirst believes #TheFutureIsFemale. So what advice would you give to the women around you?

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