Top 5 cars under Rs1.5 million

New cars have become arguably quite expensive lately. So if you are in the market for your first car under a certain budget, or if you are looking for a 2nd car for your household, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will be talking about top 5 budget cars under 15 lac that are not only pocket-friendly, but will also help you achieve whatever you are looking for.

Instead of just looking at cars with one body style, we have chosen a mix bag here. So let’s start. Also, we will be talking about post-2000 model cars only within the budget of 1 million to 1.5 million otherwise you can get a boatload of older models and much cheaper cars but for the sake of some semblance, we are keeping this list within those constraints.

Toyota Vitz

If you are in the market for a hatchback, you cannot go wrong with Toyota Vitz aka Yaris. Under 1.5 million, you can easily find yourself a nice looking 2ng gen Vitz (2005 to 2010). Cars that were made and sold in Japan are called Vitz whereas in Australia or the UK, they are known as Toyota Yaris. Being a small car, it is much easier to park, handle and drive on the busy roads we have nowadays. Also, even though it is a hatchback, you get ample passenger space inside the car. There is so much room for a small hatch inside. 

Toyota Vitz

The car comes with a 1000cc 3-cylinder engine and continuous variable transmission. Toyota Vitz is pretty light on fuel so you will get good mileage as well.

Suzuki Liana

The second car on our list is a sedan, and it is by Pak Suzuki. Liana is a small sub-compact sedan which competes with older generation Honda City. It was offered with two engine options; 1300cc and 1600cc engines. There was an option of either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic transmission. 

Liana was not a commercial success like its predecessors. But that means you can get one in relatively good shape and a newer model at a cheaper price. So under 1.5 million rupees, you can easily find yourself a nice 2012-2013 year Liana Rxi. If CNG is something you desire, Liana was offered with a factory-fitted CNG kit, so you can find that as well in this price.

We did a detailed blog on all the sedans that have been offered by Pak Suzuki in Pakistan, you should definitely check it out.

Honda City

The third car on our list is Honda City. Under the price bracket we are discussing here, you can either get a later model 2nd generation City which is affectionately known as ‘chooha city’ and was launched by Honda Pakistan in 2003 and was discontinued in 2009, or the earlier model of 3rd gen City which was launched in 2009 and remained in production until 2021.

Please keep in mind that international models of generations differ from local model of their respective generations. So for the sake of clarity, we will be addressing these cars with international generations, and not local one because it becomes confusing.  

Both gen City’s were available with either a 1300cc or a 1500cc 4-cylinder engine. The 2003-2009 model City was one of the first cars launched in Pakistan that had continuous variable transmission (Honda City Vario). The car was famous for its unorthodox shape and deceptively large boot; it was massive. A fun fact, the 1300cc engine of 2003-2009 model City, which at the time was known as i-DSI, had 8 spark plugs (DSI stood for dual spark ignition).

The 3rd gen Honda City had a conventional looking shape and design and was one of Honda’s most sold vehicles throughout its production years here in Pakistan. No wonder Honda Atlas was so hesitant to discontinue it and bring the new model. A very “Pak Suzuki and its Mehran’s run” like approach to be honest. 


Honda City Facelift
Honda City Facelift

So as mentioned above, you can easily get a latest model 2nd gen or an earlier model 3rd gen City under 15 lac. It is one of those cars you cannot go wrong with. Get a 2009-2010 City and slap a 2019 City facelift on it and you are money. 

Toyota Corolla

Ah yes, the king of sedans in Pakistan. You cannot go wrong with Corolla whatever model you want. Yes, we know we said the same thing about Honda City like one paragraph above, but this time we mean it.

So under the 1.5 million budget, you can get yourself a 2011 to 2013 Corolla XLi or GLi depending upon the condition of the car. This Corolla also received a facelift in 2011. So if you are interested in it, try getting the facelift model which looks heaps better than the pre-facelift model. Both these variants came with the same 1300cc ever-reliable 4-cylinder engine which was mated with a manual 5-speed gearbox.

There isn’t much to add to Corolla except for the fact that it is one of the most reliable cars ever. First of all, it will not break down and leave you stranded. If it does for some reason, well you can get it fixed literally from every corner of Pakistan. 

Micro vans

Let’s shake it up a little. The last vehicle or rather vehicles on our list are micro vans. And more specifically 660cc Japanese vans which are also known as kei cars. The practicality these small vans offer is something none of the cars above can compete with. You get ample space inside whether you want to haul people or just some stuff. And considering they are just 660cc, they are pocket-friendly as well.

Kei vans are available by various car brands; from Daihatsu to Suzuki. So pick whatever brand you like and go for it. And considering how many options are usually offered in Japan, you can find all sorts of creature comforts depending on the variant.

Under the budget limit of 1.5 mil, you can also get yourself a Suzuki Bolan but considering how poorly it’s made, and its lack of features, maybe skip Bolan and just go for one of these JDM vans. Most of these come with basic features like air conditioning, ABS, and better sound systems. Options like power windows and power steering, and having an option of automatic gearbox is also a huge plus.

Having a small engine, and some times with only 3-speed gearboxes, these vehicles are not suitable for long high-speed motorway travels. These vehicles are built to transport load, therefore engine and gearbox are designed to cater that need. So maybe not go on a motorway trip on one of these if you don’t want to break your car. 

So this is our list of budget-friendly cars under 1.5 million rupees. We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. If you did, like and share.

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