Sindh govt. to ban old and outdated buses in Karachi

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has announced that the provincial government will be banning all the old and outdated public transport buses in Karachi from operating from now on.

Mr Minister said, 

Thousands of buses are being brought to Karachi for which talks have been held with China and Turkey,

He further shared,

Work on the Red Line project in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank is in full swing while a proposal has also come up on the Blue Line project.

According to the minister, the provincial government’s intentions have already been conveyed to the concerned associations running their operations in the city regarding the privately owned public transportation. 

According to the ministry officials, the Orange Line BRT Project is also near completion and will significantly reduce the load on the public roads and transport. The minister intends to make the project operational within this month.

sindh karachi old buses

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