Proton Pakistan bumps up its car prices – 4 August 2022

Al-Haj Proton was maybe one of the last ones that hadn’t increased the prices of its car in the last cycle. Well, we got bad news for all your Proton lovers, however few of you are out there, that the company has increased prices of both Saga and X70.

Here are the updated new Proton car prices in Pakistan:

Existing Price – PKR Increase – PKR New Price – PKR
Saga Standard M/T 2,579,000 245,000 2,824,000
Saga Standard A/T 2,729,000 270,000 2,999,000
Saga Ace A/T 2,849,000 300,000 3,149,000
X70 Executive AWD 6,050,000 800,000 6,850,000
X70 Premium FWD 6,400,000 900,000 7,300,000

The big companies, especially ones like automakers, have been seeing some unprecedented economic turmoil. Companies are going through non-production days, and some, like Toyota, are even returning people their money considering they haven’t been able to procure necessary raw materials.

But at the same time, Al-Haj Proton claims that the company already has enough CKD kits for both models, which is interesting considering how inefficient they were when delivering the cars before. Either they actually have enough kits, or they know they won’t be getting enough orders in the first place. But whatever the case, considering X70 was one of the cheapest premium SUVs in the market, it is also becoming increasingly tough to buy. 

You can watch our review of Proton X70 featuring Ali Gul below.

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