Promoting Human Safety Through Car Safety Features

If we consider the statistics of the road accidents in Pakistan, it does not come as a surprise that people do not pay much attention to car safety features, and instead risk their own lives. Major issue is that local car manufacturers who have not strived to include the car safety features and in this regard, “Pakistan Bureau of Statistics” in their 2016 annual report alarmingly stated that car accidents kill an average 15 people in Pakistan daily.

With the advent of the latest car automotive policy in Pakistan that has laid its focus on car safety, following are the several car safety features that users can expect in the coming years:

SRS Air Bag System:

SRS AirBag
With the prime objective of improving the occupant’s protection in car accidents, the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) air bags are designed to support the seat belt system. SRS air bags technology consists of a sensor that detects the severity of the impact in the form of collision intensity which ultimately deploys the airbag in approximately 0.03 seconds. As soon as the air bags are deployed, the air bags adapt a 0.1 second deflation process.

ELR Front Seat Belt System:


Car Seat Belts
Imagine going on a long route drive with the added burden of tightened seat. Annoying. Isn’t it? Well here is the good news that comes with the advent of ELR front seat belt system that grants a much needed flexibility to the driver as it freely retracts or extends with occupant movement. With its easy yet unique system, the ELR system locks the belt during a sudden impact thus making it a much desired car safety feature all over the world.

GOA Body with Reinforcement:

GOA Car Body
As soon as you take your vehicle on the roads in Pakistan, you realize that your car needs a robust body structure that should be able to withstand a sudden impact. After all, who doesn’t need an ultimate protection in the case of an accident? In this regard, watch out for a much needed collision safety body (GOA feature) that is going to give your car a high intensity impact absorbing body structure.

The recent auto policy has enabled government to lay greater emphasis on the local car manufacturers to have necessary car safety features. After all, a car with strong safety features is going to be an order of the day.

Considering the ever-increasing rise in traffic, it is hard to show non-seriousness in car safety unless you want to be a warrior that goes out to fight without his weapons.

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