Petrol transporters’ strike threat might cause panic buying

The oil transporters are threatening to cut the supply of fuel across the country if the government doesn’t increase their transportation charges. All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association (APOTOA) flashed the threat over the latest increase in fuel prices. 

Petrol pumps across Pakistan to go on a strike on 25th November

The tanker association spokesperson Israr Ahmed Shinwari was talking to the media,

“We have given a call for an indefinite peaceful protest,”

“We will call off the protest only after the government accepts our demands and increase fares of fuel transportation that have remained unchanged since 2011,”

“Our 40,000 members are part of the protest. If the government fails to accept our demands within a week of protest, then we will give a call for a wheel-jam strike”

The issue arose since there was a verbal agreement between the oil marketing companies and oil tankers association that the companies will revise the transportation charges but companies neglected the demand of oil tanker owners and now they have decided to go for a “peaceful protest” in hopes their demands will be met. 

Then there is the issue of vehicle fitness certification. Oil tankers are required to get vehicle fitness certificates which can cost from Rs100,000 to Rs200,000 and the owners have demanded to reduce the certification costs as well.

In case All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association moves with their “wheel-jam strike”, it will cause panic buying among the consumers. Something similar was witnessed last time there was a call of strike from petrol pump owner’s association back in November 2021.

In the meanwhile, people have once again started to shift to CNG considering it is still cheaper than petrol even though there is scarcity of the natural resource. Mostly commercial vehicles like taxis and vans including school vans are witnessed to be in ques to get CNG.

Let’s see how the situation unfolds.

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