Pakistan’s Top 5 Cars by Resale Value

There is no denying that used cars have secured a large share of the auto market in Pakistan. Due to heavy taxes levied on automobile manufacturers the market is typically made up of highly priced basic model vehicles which makes it extremely difficult for car buyers to afford them. Hence the used car market has risen to great heights, with people opting to buy used cars as they provide better value for money. CarFirst’s experts are sharing current trends for the vehicles with the best resale value in Pakistan’s automobile market:

Toyota Corolla

From a bird’s eye view, it is obvious that the Toyota Corolla is a clear leader in Pakistan’s used car resale market. Without a doubt, almost every variant of Toyota Corolla enjoys strong market presence as the Japanese automaker is renowned for providing well equipped and reliable sedans that keep getting better with every new model or facelift. The car enjoys a strong market presence in Pakistan with Toyota Corolla sales at 40,694 units in 2016-17.

Suzuki Mehran

If you are looking for a car that is specifically made for Pakistan, it is difficult to look beyond Suzuki Mehran. The car that has always maintained a high resale value due to its strong market presence and greater economy. Though Suzuki Mehran comes up with minimal safety and design features, the car presents itself as the most preferred option for middle-class market who require a four-wheel vehicle. This is evident from the fact that in 2016-17, Suzuki sold 28,036 units of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan.

Mehran CarFirst

Suzuki Cultus

Though the success of Suzuki Mehran has always enabled Pak Suzuki to enjoy a strong foothold in the automobile market in Pakistan, it wasn’t until the launch of Suzuki Cultus that the automobile giant came up with a unique idea of providing a 1000cc vehicle that boasts better shape, good rear cargo space and comfortable seating arrangements. In the year 2016-17, Pak Suzuki has sold 11,905 units of Suzuki Cultus in Pakistan, making it a massive hit.

Suzuki Bolan

Though many readers will be scratching their heads finding Suzuki Bolan in the list, there is no hiding the fact that the car has an optimum resale value primarily due to its utility rather than driving experience. Suzuki Bolan is a spacious vehicle with ample rear space and eight seats seating capacity. In addition to that, the car is vastly used by the offices as it can easily carry anything ranging from office material to groceries. In this regard, Pak Suzuki sold 14,938 units of Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan in the year 2016-17.

Bolan CarFirst

Honda City

With powerful 1300cc engine and ultimate driving experience, Honda City is one of the topmost contestants on our list. The success of Honda City can be linked with the manufacturer continuously improving vehicle features, which is evident from the wonderful blend of the car’s stylish exterior and impeccable interior. In 2016-17, the company sold 19,120 units of Honda City in Pakistan.

In addition to the aforementioned cars, there are various other cars that can give users a greater resale combined with excellent driving experience. CarFirst provides you a wonderful platform where you can sell your car in the most convenient manner. All you have to do is to book an appointment at one of our purchase centers where your car will be inspected and you will be provided with an instant price depending upon your car’s condition.

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