Pakistan’s Automotive Industry Round Up 2017

The automotive sector in Pakistan is riding happy circles as it welcomes a string of constructive developments that can uplift the automotive sector in Pakistan. With the advent of the latest automotive policy and government’s willingness to promote foreign investments in the country, we bring you the latest news that are doing rounds in the automotive market.

Volkswagen Pakistan

Renault and Volkswagen are coming to Pakistan:
French automaker “Renault” is in talks with an Emirati company to set up a car manufacturing plant in Pakistan. The news comes as a piece of fresh air for the people of Pakistan as the new entrants increases the diversity of the local industry. Similarly, German automaker “Volkswagen” has also decided to influx investment in Pakistan as the company has been convinced that the Pakistani government is willing to offer lots of incentives to the new entrants.Renault Logo Pakistan

Sales of Passenger Cars Increased by 25% (June- October 2016 vs June- October 2017)
According to the sales and production data released by “Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association”, the sales of passenger cars has increased in June-October timeframe if we compare the sales in the same time frame in 2016. The increase highlights the remarkable demands of the passenger cars which has resulted in a significant increase in sales figure.

Pakistan Automobile Industry Stats 2017

A Treat for Diesel Engine Lovers:
In a recent news that is surely going to amaze the diesel engine lovers, Toyota IMC is set to launch the diesel variant of “Toyota Fortuner.” As far as the engine capacity is concerned, there remains a question mark but it is for sure that the vehicle is bound to leave people spell bound.


With the latest developments that are doing rounds in the automotive market, one thing is for sure that the users can expect some fresh and exciting news. In addition to the developments, the increasingly available car options due to the inclusion of fresh entrants is itself the news to relish.



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