Pakistan-assembled MG HS successfully completes road testing

Javed Afridi, the owner and CEO of MG Pakistan, has announced on his twitter that the locally assembled MG HS has done its all-terrain road testing successfully. In the tweet, Afridi mentioned that the Chinese SUV went from Karachi to Khunjerab Pass successfully.Another important thing to be noticed from Afridi’s tweet are the specs of the new Pakistan-assembled HS. The imported CBU MG HS that has been sold from its launch till now was a 1.5L turbocharged MG with only front-wheel drive configuration. Whereas the tweet mentions that the locally assembled MG HS is in fact a 2.0L and has all-wheel drive configuration.

That is a massive shift from the CBU iteration of the SUV to this current CKD iteration. It means different taxes and prices than the imported MG HS along with the difference in performance figures and driving characteristics of the car as well. 

And that T at the end of 2.0 suggests it is also a turbocharged vehicle, like the CBU 1.5L HS was. That means this 2-liter turbocharged vehicle is going to be pretty quick on its feet. The power numbers are going to be far more than the most 1.5L turbo SUVs as well as the 2.0L NA vehicles that are being sold in the country. 

MG became an instant hit when it came into the light just a couple of years ago. The Chinese owned company cleverly hid the fact that it is in fact a Chinese brand and instead promulgated its British past and its British-ness like it had nothing to do with China.

After its initial launch and success, the company soon got hit by different obstacles; from late deliveries to quality issues to even freight trailers getting in accidents in which many HS vehicles were totaled. This caused unrest among the customers and dissatisfaction rose to the level where customers held protests against the company and even incidents of customers starting physical altercations with MG dealership staff started to appear on social media.

But with the local assembly of the vehicle, and overall streamlining of the company, its assembly line, and its operations, it is believed that most of the issues will now be sorted. And Javed Afridi also teasing a under 2 million hatchback to compete with Suzuki Swift is only going to bolster the company and its potential numbers. 

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