Pak Suzuki might kill Suzuki Cultus in near future

Rumours have emerged that Pak Suzuki will be discontinuing the current generation of Suzuki Cultus hatchback in the favour of their hit sellers like the Suzuki Alto as well as the newly launched Suzuki Swift.

Industry experts have suggested that the reason behind this potential decision is to not only promote the sales of the new Suzuki Swift, but also about cutting manufacturing costs keeping in view the current economic situation in the country.

With the increasing import restrictions on CKDs as well as other manufacturing parts, the company wants to reduce its expenditure on a product that is not bringing enough ROI.

Dollar has already crossed 200rs and the international fuel situation does not seem to be improving with the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. In case other big nations join in, the situation is only going to get worse for not only the common people of the world but also the different types of manufacturing companies around the world. And with the new 10% super tax on almost all types of manufacturers in the country including the automakers, the situation has become murkier for many.

Government imposes 10% ‘super tax’ on carmakers!

The current generation of Suzuki Cultus was launched in 2017. And though there were some initial resistance to the new car as there always has been, it became an obvious choice for many between a Wagon R and the old shape Suzuki Swift. But the launch of the new Swift, and the new Alto as well, along with the always increasing prices of new cars and ever-rising inflation where people’s buying powers have reduced significantly, it appears that the Cultus has not been able to perform competitively against its siblings. Hence the need felt by Suzuki to abort it, according to the industry insiders. 

There is still no official word from Pak Suzuki itself and it might all be a ruse to shake up the hatchback market in the country. Until we get an official statement from the company, it is better to take this news with a grain of salt. 

Let us know what you think about the news in the comments section below. In case the Cultus is discontinued, do you think it will have any impact on the market?

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