Pak Suzuki also decreases prices of its cars – 16 August 2022

Like Toyota, Pak Suzuki has also decreased the prices of its cars after the USD saw a drop in the international market.

Here are the updated Suzuki car prices in Pakistan effective from 16th August 2022.

Existing Prices – PKR Decrease – PKR New Price – PKR
Alto VX 1,789,000 90,000 1,699,000
Alto VXR 2,079,000 103,000 1,976,000
Alto AGS 2,339,000 116,000 2,223,000
Bolan Cargo 1,566,000 79,000 1,487,000
Bolan Van 1,579,000 79,000 1,500,000
Cultus VXR 2,879,000 125,000 2,754,000
Cultus VXL 3,159,000 135,000 3,024,000
Cultus AGS 3,379,000 145,000 3,234,000
Ravi 1,499,000 75,000 1,424,000
Swift GL M/T 3,349,000 169,000 3,180,000
Swift GL CVT 3,599,000 179,000 3,420,000
Swift GLX CVT 3,959,000 199,000 3,760,000
Wagon R VXR 2,549,000 128,000 2,421,000
Wagon R VXL 2,699,000 135,000 2,564,000
Wagon R AGS 2,949,000 147,000 2,802,000


The price drops are basically an incentive for potential customers to start booking and buying the cars again. An ordinary and featureless car like the Cultus crossed the 3 million mark and the new Suzuki Swift crossed 4 million. Keep in mind 4 million was the price of a Toyota Corolla one 2-3 months back. The has seen some drastic decline in the last week or two thanks to the IMF loan. Until yesterday, the dollar was trading at Rs 213 in the interbank market.

The government is keeping a keen eye on the situation as well. Syed Murtaza Mehmood, Minister for Industries and Production, has pleaded to the Pakistani car assemblers to reduce the prices of their cars as soon as possible. At the meeting held under Auto Industry Development and Export Policy (AIDEP), the minister appreciated Indus Motor’s step to reduce the prices of its cars, and urged other companies to do the same.

Toyota decreasing car prices might poke others to do the same

The dollar touched almost 250 PKR in the last couple of weeks and during that, almost every car as well as motorcycle maker increased the prices of their products. And although the dollar is coming down, the situation still isn’t great as Pak Suzuki has also announced that their assembly line will remain closed on 18th and 19th August. The companies are still having trouble procuring raw material to assemble cars in Pakistan. Engine, gearboxes, electronic control units are some of main items that are being imported from other countries. Some companies import even sheet metal for some of their models. Koreans and Chinese carmakers are worst in this case since they are not even making a light of their cars locally in Pakistan. They are importing almost everything from other countries. 

Although the decrease is not even close to the increase but as they say, something is better than nothing. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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