NUR-E 75 – Pakistan’s first electric car unveiled!

Pakistan has officially unveiled Pakistan’s first locally assembled electric car, Nur-E 75, on the occasion of the 75th independence day of the country. The small electric hatchback is the fruit of the combined efforts of the DICE Foundation, local engineering universities and private sector. The car was put out for people to see at an unveiling ceremony held in a hotel in Karachi, Pakistan.

Nur-E 75 is a 5-door, compact hatchback. The name NUR-E is a spin on the Urdu word “نُوری” (Noori), and the number 75 denotes the 75th birthday of the nation of Pakistan. 

Specs of NUR-E 75 electric car

The production of NUR-E 75 began in 2019. The shape and design of the car was conceived and developed by the visual artists at National College of Arts (NCA). And the 35 KwHr battery pack of this Pakistani electric hatchback has been developed by a team of scientists at NED University of Engineering and Technology. The raw material like lithium which is produced by only a few countries around the world will be of course imported for making the batteries.

The new car is expected to do around 210 kilometres in a single charge, and achieve a top speed of 120 km/h. The car makes 107 hp (80 KW) and 200 Nm of torque. To give you an idea of how much torque that is, the 1.5 turbo RS Civic makes 220 Nm of torque. So suffice to say, that is a significant amount of torque for such a small compact family hatch.

Fast charger for NUR-E 75

Scientists at the Sir Syed University of Engineering have been working to develop chargers and charging stations for the car. According to available information, you will be able to charge NUR-E 75 in 8 hours through your home’s regular 220V power socket. With fast chargers, the estimated charging time is around 1 hours. It has been reported that the car is almost fully homegrown. 

A Gift from Dice Foundation

Dr Khurshid Qureshi, Dice Foundation Chairman, mentioned that they will be seeking investments for the mass production of the first “Made in Pakistan” electric car. Around $60-$80 million financing is needed for this project to complete.

He said, 

I can’t stress enough on the significance of this innovation, and how it will be a game changer both for Pakistan’s economy as well as for the well-being of the ordinary citizens of the country once it hits the market in the last quarter of 2024.

Mr Qureshi further said,

This electric car will play a phenomenal role in the context of environment and climate change, and will help us move away from non-renewable fuel consumption. This prototype is a 5-seater hatchback, but we also have plans to develop a sedan and small SUV on the same platform,

Also, the foundation is interested in going from hatchbacks to sedans and then to electric SUVs. Mr Qureshi called NUR-E 75 the milestone in economic stability of the country. Founded in 2007, Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) Foundation is a US-based non-profit organisation run by expatriates Pakistanis from the US, the EU and other parts of the world. 

NUR-E 75 will be officially put up for sale by the end of 2024. Price is yet unknown as this is only a prototype and final production model might look different. Dice representatives were didn’t commit a number but said that it will be priced below vehicles like Nissan Leaf. There are also rumours that NUR-E 75 will be exported to other countries as well. NUR-E is a giant step in towards building Pakistan’s localised automotive industry.

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