New Suzuki Swift coming to Pakistan next month

Previously we mentioned that Pak Suzuki has discontinued the current Suzuki Swift which only means there is a new Swift in the works. And it looks like the new Suzuki hatch is coming as soon as next month.There was some confusion regarding the launch of the new car but rumours within the industry have hinted the new Suzuki Swift is geared to launch as soon as next month. Pak Suzuki has a track record of dragging its models for years with minimum upgrades. Most upgrades are minor cosmetic upgrades and do not matter as such. And same was the case with the outgoing Swift. The car remained in production for a little more than a decade and there were minor changes to the package.

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The outgoing Swift came with a 1300cc petrol engine that was infamous for its performance as well as its high fuel consumption. The new Swift will be coming with Suzuki’s newer 1250cc engine which is much more fuel efficient than its predecessor. Suzuki’s new generation 660cc and 1000cc engines that are available in the new Alto and the new Cultus respectively are also known for their good fuel average so there is a pattern with all new Suzuki engines. 

K12C Suzuki engine
New K12C Suzuki engine coming in new Swift

There is a 1000cc turbo engine in the Japanese market as well but it is highly doubtful that it will be launched here considering the poor fuel quality we have in Pakistan and what happened with other turbo cars that have been launched in Pakistan in the past. But Suzuki might introduce an enthusiast version of the car in limited numbers but again, that is highly unlikely and more of a wishful thinking.

Transmission wise, you can expect the new Swift to be available with a 5-speed manual transmission as well as a CVT.

2020 facelift Suzuki Swift

The rumours also hinted that the new model that is being launched in Pakistan is going to be the pre-facelift model of the current international generation, and not the latest 2020 post facelift Swift. But it is all hearsay for now and we will have to wait and see.

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Price is going to be the biggest factor in the success of the new Swift. It has been insinuated that the new car might cost as much as 2.6 to 2.9 million rupees depending on the model/variant. Some might argue that you can get a sedan at this price instead of a hatchback like the Suzuki. But how true these figures are, we will just have to wait and see. 

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