New Suzuki Swift 2022 vs outgoing Suzuki Swift – What to expect!

So the new Suzuki Swift 2022 is fast becoming a reality. There have been numerous leaked videos and images as well as random public sightings of the new Suzuki hatch. It is fair to say people are excited about the new car.

The current shape of local Suzuki Swift has disappeared for at least a couple of months now and is not even showing on Pak Suzuki’s website. There is a little confusion regarding the actual generation numbers of Swift since the car switched from Cultus to Swift, and Cultus became it own thing in the early year. Some people consider the 2004 to 2010 models of Swift as first gen Swift, whereas some consider them as the 2nd gen Swift.

Pak Suzuki first one in 2022 to increase their car prices

For this blog, we will follow the most widely accepted point and call the locally available Swift as the 1st generation of Suzuki Swift and which was discontinued back in 2010 internationally, yet it remained in production for more than a decade in Pakistan; from 2009 to 2021.

Although it remained in production for an extended period of time in some other international markets as well like it did in Pakistan, however in Japan it was killed in 2010, and shortly after in most of the other international markets.

There was a 2nd gen Swift that closely resembles the 1st gen Swift but Pak Suzuki decided to skip this generation. The 2nd gen Swift was available from 2010 till 2017.

That is when the 3rd and the current generation Swift was launched by Suzuki Japan. And it is the same vehicle that is going to be released here in Pakistan as well. But the thing is that this shape is already 5 years old and rumours are Suzuki Japan will be launching the 4th gen Swift this year. So basically we are getting a generation that is already about to get old as soon as its launched. There was a 2020 facelift and according to the various leaked images, we will also be getting the 2020 facelift Swift.

suzuki swift 2022
Suzuki Swift – Third Generation

And since Pak Suzuki likes to drag its models for years and years and years, get ready to see the 2022 Suzuki Swift for new 10 to 15 years easily.

But enough generation talk. The question is, what does the new 2022 Swift have to offer than its predecessor? Let’s find out. 


Let’s start with the actual size of the new hatchback. Here are dimensions of the both Swifts:

Old Suzuki Swift New Suzuki Swift
Length 3755 mm 3840 mm
Width 1690 mm 1735 mm
Height 1525 mm 1495 mm
Wheelbase 2390 mm 2450 mm
Kerb Weight 1050 KG 850 KG


So right off the bat you can see the new car is longer and wider than the old Swift. Swift 2022 is around 3.3 inches longer and 1.8 inches wider. Don’t mind the low height of the car as the dimensions were taken from internationally available Swift. since that mostly depends on what kind of suspension the car is running. So there is a chance Pak Suzuki will have larger springs installed on the locally available Swift for more ground clearance considering most of our roads, or lack of it, in Pakistan. So disregard the lower height number for now. But the length and width are something that cannot be changed unless you are using some huge body kit which is definitely not going to happen.

One thing that you need to keep in mind here is how light the new car is compared to the outgoing Swift. The 850kg is an approximate number for now since it was taken from the international model and it might be slightly different when the car is finally and officially launched in Pakistan. But it is safe to say that it is still going to be lighter because let’s be honest, the new Swift 2022 is going to be a stripped out version of the international model since Pak Suzuki isn’t keen on giving fully loaded models to its customers in the name of cost saving. So yes, the new Swift is definitely going to be significantly lighter than the current outgoing Suzuki Swift.

And then there is the longer wheelbase of the new 2022 Swift. New Swift is almost 2.3 inches longer than the outgoing Swift. The wheelbase of the car is one of the major factors determining the cabin space inside. So a longer wheelbase means a better passenger room inside the car.


The new Swift means new powerplant as well. The 2022 Swift will be launched with a 1.2-Litre K-Series petrol engine. The engine is actually a 1242cc 4-cylinder unit that makes 90 bhp and 120 Nm of torque. As far as the transmission is concerned, there are a couple of options. First of all, a 5-speed manual transmission is confirmed. But when it comes to an automatic transmission, there are a couple of things Suzuki can do here. Either they can simply go for a CVT like most of the international variants have, or they can go for the AGS (auto gear shift) route like they did with Alto, Wagon R and the new Cultus. Objectively speaking, I must say the CVT makes more sense but even if it is an AGS, it must be said that some auto is better than no auto.

Suzuki K12C Engine of the upcoming Suzuki Swift 2022

In the outgoing Suzuki Swift, you had a 1328cc 4-cylinder M13 petrol engine that is infamous for being a little thirsty. The engine makes similar 90bhp but considering how light the new car, it is safe to say that not only is the Swift 2022 going to be faster than the current Swift, it is also going to be fuel efficient as well thanks to its new motor. The outgoing Swift was offered with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

On thing is for sure, the Swift has always been a lot of fun to drive. Being a small and light car with a powerful engine made it liked by the enthusiasts. So the new 2022 Swift has be something similar in this regard for people to prefer it over other established names.

Suzuki M13 Engine

Internationally there is a 1.0L turbo as well as a 1.3L DDiS diesel engine also available but I doubt they will be made available in Pakistan.

Interior and Features

The interior and the possible features of the new car are arguably going better than the current outgoing Swift, but by how much, that is the question. The 1st gen Swift rather had a basic and functional dashboard and overall interior. The new Swift has a far better and modern looking dashboard and overall interior. 

New Suzuki Swift Dashboard

Also, as mentioned above, the new Swift has longer wheelbase than the 1st gen Swift; around 2.3 inches. That means there is more cabin room in the new car than the previous one. So that is definitely a plus point here. 2.3inches might not sounds a lot but in case of car designs, every little increase or decrease has major impact on the overall performance and comfort of the car.

Internationally the new Swift comes with all sorts of features like multiple airbags, stability and traction control, hill-start assist, digital climate controls to name a few. You also get things like auto rain sensors, auto adjustable headlights, in some case Suzuki also offers electrically adjustable and heated seats, as well as premium sound system. But how much of this will get trickled into our upcoming 2022 Suzuki Swift, well only Pak Suzuki know.

Previous Suzuki Swift Interior

But Pak Suzuki has the habit of stripping its cars to bare minimum in the name of cost saving and maximising their profits. If you look at the dashboard of the locally assembled Alto and the JDM Alto, you will notice a lot of empty switches and buttons places that have been covered on the local Alto that are actually functioning buttons on the imported car. So expect the new 2022 Swift to go through a similar treatment. The imported Swift comes with a projector headlight. The leaked images show the local Swift will have regular halogen headlights. Similar cost cuttings will be apparent throughout the new Swift’s lineup.

Price tag

The last recorded prices of outgoing Suzuki Swift top of the variant was something like 2.1 to 2.2 million.

But the rumours suggest the 2022 Swift is going to be somewhere from 2.7 to 2.9 million depending upon the variant. The top of the line Suzuki Cultus AGS already costs 2.4 million. So Pak Suzuki is not going to price the new Swift close enough to the new Cultus for people to prefer the new Swift over the Cultus. There will be enough price gap between both cars to justify the purchase of each car respectively. 

Final word

The thing is, if the new Swift is priced just below 3 million as the rumours are suggesting, there is an argument, and rather a strong one, that you can get a sedan in this price range, so why go for a hatchback? Alsvin variants are priced between PKR 24.9 to 29.4 lacs depending on the variant. Manual Honda City 1.2 is priced at just over 27 lacs. Yaris CVT is priced at just over 28 lacs. Suffice to say, there are a lot of bigger, and arguably better, options at the price of 2.7 to 3 million PKR. So Suzuki will need to be extra careful how to position the new Swift.

2020 facelift Suzuki Swift Hybrid

Ideally, Pak Suzuki does not want one of their models to cannibalise the other, and also they do not want to be in space where there already is a stiff competition among cars that are arguably better than Swift itself. But how will they proceed, well only a couple of weeks and we all will know.

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