Locally assembled Haval H6 2022 ready to hit the showrooms

Sazgar Engineering, the local manufacturers of Haval vehicles by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors, have announced some major announcements for potential H6 buyers. As we already know, Haval H6 is a 5-seater crossover SUV that will now be locally assembled and sold. Previously it was being sold as a completely built unit only. And now the company will soon be taking orders of the new locally assembled H6 in the near future.

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The point of local assembly is important to mention here since it has brought the prices of the new Haval H6 cars down as well. Previously the CBU H6 1.5T was being sold at Rs.6,849,000 but according to recent reports, the new price of 1.5 turbo H6 will be Rs.6,499,000 and that is a decrease of impressive Rs.350,000 for the new cars.

Haval H6 1.5L Turbo Engine
Haval H6 1.5L Turbo Engine

The other news is the potential launch of the bigger and more powerful 2.0L Haval H6. The new 2-liter turbo H6 will be priced at Rs.7,499,000. The 2.0L H6 will offer more features than the smaller 1.5L H6. The 2.0 H6 will have all-wheel drive against the front-wheel drive system of 1.5L H6. The 1.5 H6 makes 147 bhp and 230 Nm of torque whereas the 2.0L H6 makes 224 bhp and 385 Nm of torque. Both vehicles will have their version of 7-speed dual clutch transmission. 

If you want to book any of the locally assembled H6 SUVs then the new 2.0 variant will be available for booking at the price of Rs.1,200,000 whereas the 1.5L variant will be available on the booking price of Rs.1,000,000. Bookings will officially commence from 15th April, 2022.

The local production of the Chinese SUV is definitely a major step towards the improvement of the local auto industry.


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