Honda might launch locally assembled Vezel in Pakistan

Honda Pakistan has been testing a test mule of a vehicle covered in camouflage masking sheet on the roads of Pakistan lately. By now you might have either seen some social media post or maybe have seen it in person in your city. The car appears to be a Honda Vezel or HR-V. Both are typically the same thing depending upon the market, but body shape is the same. It is not a secret since it is pretty visible from the body lines and cuts under that masking.

Things you need to know before you buy Honda Vezel

But then some clever individual did a little digging and confirmed that the vehicle in question is in fact Honda HR-V. From the below screenshot of an excise and taxation website, you can see the details of the said car. It is in fact a Honda HR-V and is registered in the name of Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL). 

honda hr-v hybrid details

But now it appears that it is not just a simple HR-V. It is in fact the hybrid version of the compact SUV, that is known as Honda Vezel in Pakistan. 

Rumours suggest that Honda Pakistan is getting ready to launch their first hybrid vehicle in the shape of this Honda HR-V. After seeing the success of Honda Vezel in Pakistan, Honda Pakistan has finally decided to capture at least some share of the hybrid pie.

Vezel garnered a huge following in Pakistan from the time it was first imported in Pakistan back in 2016. Since then, it has become one of the favourite hybrids in the country. And thanks to the 3rd party aftermarket support, it has become pretty easy to own and maintain a Vezel considering it comes with a very tricky and even fragile dual clutch system. Honda Vezel comes with a 1.5L 4-cyclinder petrol-powered engine coupled with Honda’s pretty efficient hybrid system and the infamous 7-speed dual clutch transmission. 

And how people have started to import even the new generation of Honda Vezel. Honda Pakistan will be trying to capture the imported Vezel’s market with their own offering in the shape of HR-V.

But the thing to consider is that will it be as successful as the imported Vezel? Toyota Indus tried to launch the Toyota Prius thinking it would be able to capture the imported Prius market but that did not happen. In fact the new Prius is priced at eye watering almost 1.5 crore Pak rupee. On the other hand you can get a couple of years old used Prius between 7 to 8 million. And that price difference is huge, no matter what anyone says.

Similarly, Honda Pakistan will be facing the same situation with their HR-V hybrid against imported Vezel. But Honda Pakistan has one ace up their sleeves. Industry insiders have suggested that Honda Pakistan might launch a CKD HR-V instead of CBU models like what Toyota did. The price of Indus Motors Prius was so high because it is a completely built unit (CBU) which means more taxes and incredibly high price.

On the other hand, Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) is interested in locally assembling the HR-V in Pakistan which will significantly lower the selling point of the new car. This definitely gives Honda Pakistan an advantage over Toyota Indus.

Let’s wait and see which way the camel sits. Will it actually happen and Honda will assemble the HR-V locally or are we going to see a repeat of non-hybrid HR-V like before? Will you be interested in a locally assembled Honda Vezel competitor in the shape of Honda HR-V? Let us know in the comments below.

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