Honda Civic 2022 specs and competition – who’s got the lead!

So Honda Pakistan has officially revealed the new 2022 Honda Civic. This shape of Civic was launched internationally in 2021 and as it is with Honda Pakistan, the car has been launched after a year of its international release here in Pakistan as well.

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A couple of things about the new Civic before we get into it. Honda has decided to discontinue the 1800cc naturally aspirated R18 engine for this generation. And secondly, from now on, there will only be the 1.5L turbocharged engine from now on.

The new Civic 2022 is available in following three variants:

  • Standard
  • Orial
  • RS Turbo

First let’s go through the difference among these variants.

First thing to know about these variants is that the 1.5 turbo in lower and middle variant makes 127bhp for some odd reason. I say it’s odd because the same engine in the top of the line Turbo RS makes 176bhp; similar figures as the previous Civic X RS Turbo. Honda decided to lower the engine output of the same engine to differentiate the lower two variants from the top of the line variant. Keep in mind that the now discontinued naturally aspirated R18 engine in the previous generation makes 141bhp. 

honda civic 2022

Price of new Honda Civic 2022 in Pakistan:

Standard (Base)

Rs. 5,099,000


Rs. 5,399,000

RS Turbo

Rs. 6,149,000

One of the biggest features the new Civic 2022 comes with is Honda Sensing Safety Suite. The feature hosts a bunch of safety and driving features like adaptive cruise control, lane keep and depart assist, auto braking, and more. Besides that, the new Civic 2022 has a host of features like hill-start assist, stability control, fancy infotainment system, rain sensing wipers, parking sensor, electronic parking brake, paddle shifters, moonroof, to name a few.

One kind of a funny thing is that the Civic comes with two airbags, whereas the new Suzuki Swift 2022 comes with as many as six airbags. 

Now let’s have a look at two of Civic’s immediate competitors in the same segment.

Toyota Corolla

Civic’s immediate competitor has always been Corolla. Both have been at odds since they both came into being. In Pakistan, Indus Motors is currently selling the 11th gen of Corolla. However, internationally, there already is a 12th gen Corolla.

Corolla is already one generation older than the new Civic now. Honda has taken the lead here with the new generation launch. The top of the line Corolla Grande comes with a 1800cc NA engine and a CVT. Features wise, except Honda Sensing Suite, Corolla comes with almost similar features as the new Civic. Few differences include manual handbrake unlike the electric brakes in Civic, single zone AC compared to Civic 2022’s dual zone AC, and basic cruise control instead of adaptive like in Civic, to name a few. 

New Civic is overall longer and wider than the current gen Corolla. The Corolla’s interior looks outdated compared to the new Civic’s interior. The price of the new top of the line Corolla is Rs. 4,199,000/- which is a massive difference compared to Civic’s price. You can buy another small car with the price difference.

Hyundai Elantra

The other sedan in this segment is the Elantra by Hyundai. Hyundai and Kia have improved massively in the last decade or so and have now become a legitimate competitor to both Toyota and Honda and other similar brands. 

Elantra comes with 2.0L naturally aspirated engine which makes 155bhp and 6-speed automatic transmission. Like Corolla, the current Hyundai Elantra is also one generation older in Pakistan compared to Civic 2022. 

Size-wise, Elantra is smaller than the new Civic. Talking about the dashboard, the Elantra comes with a pretty standard and average looking dashboard design. It looks boring if being honest. The new Civic’s interior looks contemporary and altogether in a different league than both Corolla and Elantra. Elantra does with an electronically controlled driver’s side seat whereas it is manual in Civic even after spending 6.1 million rupees. 

Elantra top of the line is priced at Rs. 4,399,000 which again, is far less than even the lowest Civic variant which is priced at Rs. 5,099,000.

In this blog, we have tried to contain the competition to sedans only. But the fact that a new Civic can cost as high as 6.1 million, brings a lot of other vehicles, especially all the crossover SUVs that have been roaming around on Pakistani roads lately.

Let us know how you rate the new Civic 2022 in the comments section below. Do you think it is worth the price tag? If not, which car would you like to have instead of the new Honda Civic.

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