Consumer Protection: Buying or Selling Used Car

CarFirst provide you the safest platform to sell your car as we strongly believe in promoting a process that is effective while our main aim is to facilitate our customers in the best possible way. In order to maintain the smooth sailing of the car selling process, there are several points which are needed to be considered whether you are buying or selling a used car.

Original Car Registration Documents

As soon as you are ready to sell your car, one thing that is ominous to be kept into consideration is that your car should be registered by your name. Getting your car documentation completed is not only going to facilitate the car selling process, but it is sure to give you the true value for your money as a car with complete documentation and registration is understood to be a car that is well taken care off.

New Car Registration Document in Pakistan

Presence of Original Identification Documents:

Not only do you need your original car documents, but the presence of your original NIC along with the copied one can ensure that the entire car selling process is not affected by any discrepancy or potential scam. The presence of identification documents of a buyer and seller goes a long way in eradicating any doubts that may arise while you are going through other formalities in the cars selling process.

Presence of Car Sale Receipts:

Have you taken care of the car sales receipt after you have sold your car? If yes, then you have adapted a firm and righteous approach which may help you from dwelling into precarious situations in the future. Sometimes, it is the case that the buyer who has purchased your car has not transferred the car onto his name and in the case of any unwanted incident, it is you who have to face minor discrepancies which are not at all welcomed.

Verifying your car through excise and taxation department:

If you are buying a used car, you can hardly be satisfied without going through the car’s original registration paper which is a mandatory step in the car purchase process. This can be done by getting your vehicle documents verified from the excise document which not only tells you about the completion of the car’s documents, but you also get to know all the details of the token tax that is paid or left..

Transferring the Car Onto Your Name:

As soon as you purchase a used car, it is mandatory in accordance with the regulations of the government of Pakistan to register the car onto your name within 30 days but same is not the case every time. In this way, you can draw yourselves into problems for not abiding by the law and ethically, it is highly advised to complete the necessary documentation process before landing your car on the roads.

Getting Your Car Verified From CIA:

Before you fasten your seat belt and are ready to be mesmerized by your new car’s drive, there should be a thorough check form CIA (Criminal investigation authority) to verify whether there has been any misuse of the car reported. In addition to that, if the car is on open letter, it is advised to make sure that the car is bought through proper channel to avoid any future mishaps.

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