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I am a single mother who works at a news channel and drives herself to work every day. Many times it happens that as I stop over at the signals, people in cars beside me loudly honk their horns. When I look around these men would be blaring cheap music and staring in my direction.  Usually, this doesn’t become a problem because I can either speed up or slow down once the light turns green.

The other day, however, this wasn’t the case. I was driving along, listening to the radio, trying to unwind a bit before I get home from work. I’m in the left lane, my car sandwiched between the cars in front of and behind mine, when the car is right next to me in the right lane honks loudly.  And we’re driving. That’s right, two men in this moving vehicle are honking at me and making lewd gestures, asking me to pull over. They’re driving alongside of me, knowing I can’t speed up or slow down because of the cars in front of and behind me, and they’re blocking me from moving into the right lane – making it impossible to pass or move behind them.

They continued to harass me for quite some time! Not only was this extremely dangerous, but it was also scary and disconcerting to say the least.  Having no other solution, I kept ignoring them. They eventually switched into a turn lane and turned out of sight. But the whole incident definitely shook me up. I wasn’t quite sure what to do in that situation, and I still don’t know what to do if it ever happens again.  I mean, what if I got into a car accident and was stuck with these guys dealing with insurance and stuff? I could play a million what ifs; the bottom line is that it was creepy and upsetting.

I wish such people would stop harassing women who drive and treat them with the same respect as their male counterparts. But till my wish is granted, I’ve decided not to let these challenges force me to change my life. I will continue to drive as a strong, independent single mother, and shall teach my son to treat men and women with equal respect.

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