CarFirst Believes in the Strength of Pakistan’s Women, and Vouches to Provide Them a Platform to Share Their Incredible Stories #SarakMeriBhiHai

I remember one-day coming back to home through the hassle and crazy traffic of the city and while I was going through one of the bridges, a car suddenly stopped in front of mine forcing me to push the brakes instantly. I was relieved thinking I had avoided an incident but much to my agony, a bike which was moving extremely close to my car hit me from behind and the rider got his finger injured due to the broken taillight of my car. Initially, I did not get out of my car as it was a bridge and all of this happened so quickly that it was impossible for me to react to the situation instantly. What followed was a very horrific experience as in the matter of no time, I was surrounded by almost thirty motorbikes who gazed at me as if they have taken the matter into their own hands to prove me guilty. I tried to shift my focus to the injured rider and offered to take him to the nearest hospital as being the doctor myself, it was my utmost responsibility to value human life. The most surprising element for me was to see everyone shouting at me except the injured person and I was sure that I will not be able to satisfy the mob with my explanations as they had already jumped to the conclusion. The matter worsened when one such person came out of the blue and started banging my car windows while all the others started judging me on my driving without even asking me about the details of the incident. I took a deep breath and pressed the accelerator of my car with panic and fear knowing that the only way out is to get out of this mess.

While moving forward, I noticed one of the strangers from the mob started following me. The guy followed me for twenty minutes until I parked my car with one of the ranger’s mobile which I thankfully saw while driving. As soon as I parked my car, I got out from the car and told the whole story to one of the ranger’s personnel but much to my disgust, the stranger that followed me provided a massive turn in the events by providing the wrong information to the personnel by saying that I have hit a person and ran away. The ranger’s personnel looked at my car and instantly realized that the minor dents on the back end of my car were by no means supporting the story of the stranger and that he was fabricating the whole story to push me into a mess. He asked me to drive my way back to home without fear but the fear had already been infused into my mind.

I feel that if I was not alone in my car, I probably won’t have had to deal with such a trauma but that does not mean I stopped driving alone. We live in a diverse society and as a human being, I understand that people take out their frustration and anger on unwanted situations but they are also creating a grave risk for people like me. As Pakistanis, we should take care of each other on the roads like responsible citizens rather than grasp opportunities for violence. Only then will our roads be safe for both men and women alike.

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