Growing up Car Crazy

I’ve always been a car guy for as long as I can remember. In fact one of my first memories is playing with a red Ferrari toy car which my dad bought me; imagining myself as a race car driver. Like every other boy I was obsessed with cars at a young age but luckily it turned into a long term passion.

Growing up my career aspirations were very automobile centric. I considered even becoming an engineer one day, mechanical, automotive or a motorsports engineer outside Pakistan. Even though I couldn’t pursue my studies abroad, I got into a business school and followed my passion by simply reading and implementing what I read in the practical world. I used to fix my cars myself and this passion made me open a start-up of my own; an all-in-one automotive shop which provided repairs, mods, upgrades of every sort, trading and maintenance.

My friends and family used to tell me that this is an industry which everyone stays away from and that it has no future. “Itna kya gaariyon ka obsession hai? Mechanic banogay?”

 I was asked many times to not waste my life behind a career which had no growth and that you had to lie to earn the desired returns to run the business. I can recall some of my relatives and friends even say that passion doesn’t get you bread and butter, but a good job at a respectable organization does.

Never did I think once on the lines of backing off from doing what I loved most; as it wasn’t merely just work for me. Cue forward to today and here I am working as the Head of Commercial for the fastest growing tech company of Pakistan, in one of the fastest emerging markets in the world and in an industry that I am ardent about. I’m surrounded by people who share my passion for cars and I have been lucky enough to even groom and guide youngsters who want to follow their love for the automobile industry.

The life lesson that I’ve learnt is to follow what you are passionate about and build a life out of it. Never doubt your potential and capabilities as only you can define what you truly are and what you’ve made of; no one can take decisions for your life but yourself.


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