Better Car Maintenance, Better Resale Value

Gone are the days when you had to lay more focus on your car’s maintenance than your personal hygiene. The more you used to drive your car, the more your mind was tilted towards the scary thoughts of visiting a workshop every now and then. Nowadays, combination of technology and thorough research has revolutionized the car’s performance resulting in lesser maintenance and greater performance. Still, there are certain areas that are needed to be addressed which may otherwise make your head spin on various occasions.

1. Engine Oil:car oil change pakistan
Engine oil is to car what blood is to human body with an exception that you don’t have to change your blood every two to three months. The car’s engine oil provides a much needed lubrication to your car’s engine parts that enable them to move smoothly. Over the course of time, the small bits of metals and the exhaust gases that are generated from the cylinders reduce the viscosity of oil in general, and its effectiveness in particular. With the advent of modern technology and latest car features, you don’t have to follow the old fashioned rule of changing your engine’s oil every two to three months and instead, can rely on your car’s engine oil to function for 5000 or even 10000 miles in certain cases.

2. Air Filter:car-air-filter-change-pakistan
Imagine yourself on the outskirts of some wonderful location where you can breathe in and out from the surroundings. Now, reverse the location and bring yourself in the middle of a cement industry where you are surrounded by impurities and contaminated air. Now breathe in and out and you will be feeling a little gross right? Well, the same happens to our car’s air filter when it is clogged with dirt and impurities. A clogged air filter can affect the car’s mileage and the frequency with which you have to change your car’s air filter depends upon the distance covered and the atmospheric conditions that have been encountered while covering those distances. Normally, car manufacturers recommend the air filter to be changed every time you go for your car’s oil change.

3. Brake Pads:Car Brake pads pakistan


If you are willing to find out the rule that can help you analyse about the duration of your brake pads, then the only rule is this: there are no rules. People tend to take the art of understanding the function of their car brakes a bit too seriously and hence, can become realistic on the word of any dealership or mechanic. How often do you need to replace your brake pads depends upon the following four factors:
• Driving style and the type of driving you do
• The quality of brake pads
• The weight of your vehicle
• The overall condition of your brake rotors

At CarFirst Purchase Centers, we do a thorough inspection of your car before making an offer. The inspection gives you a fair idea of your car’s market value depending on its current condition. You can calculate car price value online in Pakistan.

Apart from the three factors that have been mentioned above, there are various other car parts that also require frequent maintenance but keeping these three on the top of the list is surely going to keep you happy for a longer run and can give you a better car resale value.

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