2017 – A Year Owned by 1000 cc and Above Vehicles

It’s hard to find a car enthusiast in Pakistan who pays less heed to the ever-rising competition in cars which fall in the range of 1000 cc and above. After all, what else can a car user dream of if he is bestowed with a marvelous combination of car performance and powerful engine capacity? Considering massive popularity within the people of Pakistan, all the 1000cc and above cars witnessed significant sales growth in 2017 which is destined to stamp a strong foothold for the automobile market in 2018.

Witnessing the Boom of Toyota Vitz and Toyota Corolla

As soon as you have a glance on the roads in Pakistan, you immediately realize that Toyota Vitz has established a strong foundation in the automobile market which has made the car the hottest selling property in 2017. The key features which stand out for Toyota Vitz is its immaculate shape and strong build quality while its eye catching exterior and interior features has enabled the car to stand tall amongst the long list of 1000 cc vehicles. Due to ever rising demand of Toyota Vitz, the car saw its price increasing between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000 both in local and international market.

The Increasing Focus of Car Enthusiasts towards Hybrid Cars

As more and more people gained knowledge about the perks that come with the use of Hybrid cars, there was greater interest within the car enthusiast for the import of Hybrid cars. Amongst them, Toyota Aqua has been the go to option for many considering its stylish exterior design and luxurious interior features. The stand out point for Toyota Aqua has been its price that started from PKR 1.6 million and went up to PKR 1.8 million due to immense public demand. In this way, the car managed to outshine the sales of Toyota Prius while establishing itself as an ideal option in 1500 cc category. The current price of Toyota Aqua has decreased to 1.7 million mainly due to the import of other hybrid cars which includes

  • Honda Freed
  • Honda Spike
  • Honda Fit


Throughout 2017, the cars that fall in the range of 1000 cc and above has given stiff competition to cars of other variants and capacity. The thing that has worked for 1000 cc cars has been their competitive prices and latest features that has given users a perfect blend of performance and refinement.

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