The Art of Keeping Your Tyres in Optimum Condition

If you are a car user in Pakistan who does not get tired of talking about your car’s mileage and performance, then you are easily amongst those countless people who give little or no attention to car tyres which are the most overlooked parts of the modern day vehicle. It is pertinent to mention here that in order to maintain their operational effectiveness; it is extremely important to carry out periodic maintenance of tyres as they are the main contact that your vehicle has with the road. Following are the main tips which can help you in the adequate maintenance of your car tyres.

Keeping Your Tyres Properly Inflated:

Imagine you have planned for your vehicle service after a long time and suddenly you hear a horrific recommendation from your car mechanic to change your tyres for better car performance. Upon hearing it, your mind instantly realizes that the durability of tyres has greatly been affected by not keeping it properly inflated. Not only does the properly inflated tyres provide maximum contact with the road, but it reduces road noise and increases the fuel economy.

Tyre Pressure Check Pakistan


Maintaining the Depth of Tyre Tread:

In treacherous conditions, all you need is your car tyres to have a strong road grip and outstanding ability to disperse water to prevent adverse effects. The tread pattern design goes a long way in determining the car’s road grip which not only improves the safety and handling of your vehicle, but it also facilitates in maintaining the tyre pressure on the longer run. All you need is to make sure that your tyre has sufficient tread depth to withstand visible damage.



 Choosing the Correct Tyre Size

You have spent considerable amount of money on purchasing new tyres and as soon as you take your car for a long drive, you are unable to find the sense of refinement while driving which makes you think that the art of spending for your tyres could have provided a better outcome if you had decided to spent it wisely. Choosing the correct size for your tyre not only gives your car the required balance, but it also improves your car’s mileage and increases the tyre durability. If you take a closer look on the tyres, there will be a sequence of numbers that showcase the tyre size on your vehicle.

Tire size


Tyre Rotation and Wheel Alignment:

Are you tired of seeing your suspension and steering components suffer dramatically? Does your car make you hold the steering religiously so as to avoid tilting left to right on the road? Wheel alignment decreases the timeframe of tyres wear out and improves the handling of your vehicle. Not only does the wheel alignment prevent wheel vibration at high speeds, but it increases the life of the tyres as the tyres on both the ends wear evenly. It is widely recommended to carry out wheel alignment of your car after every 5000-10000 kilometres.

wheel alignement


If you have read it thus far, one thing is for sure that you care about your car and most importantly your car tyres. There are several other factors that are required for the smooth sailing of your car but keeping the tyres maintenance at the top of the list is surely going to give you and your car a major boost

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