Smog safety – Best driving practices

Smog has been quite dense in many parts of Pakistan lately. And as motorists, we need to take care of a few things to make sure not only our safety, but the safety of other road users as well as pedestrians.

Here are some tips that can help you in smog!

  • The visibility gets seriously hampered during smog. This makes driving difficult. This is not only the issue within the cities, but on motorways as well where speeds are already much higher. So make sure you have enough distance from the cars in front of you and your speed is well under the limit in case of emergency braking. Here are approximate safe speeds and braking distances for driving on wet road surface which can also apply to driving in smog.

Speed and stopping distance -

  • The roads can become slick in some cases so maintain the distance from the vehicle in front and always have your tires properly inflated for effective braking.
  • Secondly, make sure the lights of your vehicle are in perfect condition. To make sure that you are visible to other motorists, use your car’s fog lights. If fog lights are not installed in your car, keep your car’s headlights on and use blinkers when parked. Also, people believe you should drive on high beams during fog or smog which is incorrect. The particles in the air start to reflect the light and it worsens the visibility even further. So keep the headlight at low.

smog driving hazard

  • Try to focus on driving and refrain from using cellphones while driving. Cellphones should not be used while driving anyway, but during smog, you need to be extra attentive. 
  • Remove unnecessary distractions from your routine like playing your favorite music or radio station especially when you need to be focusing on the road instead. 
  • Be vigilant and cautious of other road users including motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and even stray animals. 

smog pedestrian

  • In extreme cases, visibility can reduce to just a couple of feet sometimes. In such cases, find lane markers to make sure you are following the road and won’t end up in a ditch. 
  • From health’s perspective, have the cabin filter of your vehicle inspected regularly and change when needed. And keep the windows closed all the time. For motorists who are directly exposed to the smog, always use masks. 

Cabin Filter

Hopefully some of these tips would help you. Until next time, happy motoring.

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