Proton X70 gets a massive price bump

Al-Haj Proton has increased the prices of their crossover SUV Proton X70 by as much as 860,000 PKR.

Here are the new prices of Proton X70 in Pakistan

Old Price Difference  New Price
Proton X70 FWD 4,890,000 860,000 5,750,000
Proton X70 AWD 4,590,000 810,000 5,400,000

Proton Pakistan has been going through some rough times lately. The troubles started when their deliveries got hindered right after the Covid and almost global lockdown. The slow delivery times turned from weeks to months to even a year. And this caused uncertainty and customer dissatisfaction went through the roof.

Al-Haj Motors, the local assemblers of Proton cars, later decided to assemble vehicles locally instead of importing CBU but that also hasn’t been as smooth as they would have liked. Late deliveries have been a norm with the company it seems. There are cases of customers who booked their X70 back in as late as 2020 and still have not received their vehicles. The customers have already been protesting against Proton Pakistan’s behaviour towards its customers. 

And now this price hike is only going to add to the misery of disgruntled customers who have already booked their new X70. The locally assembled X70 still hasn’t been able to make it to the showrooms and yet here is Al-Haj Proton asking people for more money.

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Only recently, MG Pakistan was fined by the local consumer court due to their poor customer service and late deliveries. It is entirely possible that if some disgruntled Proton customer decides to go to court, the company might also end up facing something similar to what MG faced.

But one thing to be noted is that X70 even with its price jump is still cheaper than most of the crossover SUVs in its segment. Vehicles like Tucson, Sportage, and even Chinese vehicles like HS and H6 are still pricier than the X70 Proton.

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