Pakistan’s First All-Female Staff Purchase Center for Used Cars

CarFirst has launched Pakistan’s first all-female staff Purchase Center in Gulberg, Lahore.

The Purchase Center operations are fully managed by a female purchase manager and a female inspection specialist, who happens to be Pakistan’s first car mechanic!

Commenting on this, Raja Murad Khan, Co-Founder, and CEO of CarFirst said:

“A large number of female customers had requested an all-female center where they can come and have their cars inspected and sold. We are happy to cater to their request and create a space for women to comfortably interact with our female staff. Building a female-friendly purchase center has been a very important goal for us and bringing Uzma on board as an Inspection Specialist, who I believe is the first female mechanic at Toyota in Pakistan, has organically fit in well with CarFirst achieving that goal.

CarFirst wants to change this persistent cultural narrative that the auto industry mostly employs men. We are proud of our female staff members who excel across all company departments, and am happy to share that we are constantly looking to hire women for traditionally male-dominated roles such as inspection specialists, purchase center managers, dealer and sales managers, customer services, etc.”

With this safe space, Women car owners will be able to have their cars inspected by a female mechanic and negotiate their sale with a female manager, so they never face any uneasiness or uncomfortable situations while selling their cars.

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