Pakistan’s Automobile Roundup

With the news of new entrants and price hikes doing rounds within the automotive circle, CarFirst brings you the latest roundup from Pakistan’s automotive industry:

Pak Suzuki discontinues Suzuki Mehran, starts production of 660 CC Alto

In a move that is bound to infuse new spirit within the automotive industry, Pak Suzuki has decided to discontinue the production of Suzuki Mehran with immediate effect. The move brings us to the end of the 30 year long and illustrious journey of the vehicle that was resilient but lacked the features that can let it compete with various latest variants. On the other hand, Pak Suzuki has started the production of Alto 660 CC in Pakistan. The new hatchback will come with both the auto and manual transmission while it will be boosted with 660cc engine.

Honda Atlas launches Honda Civic 2019

While the rumors had all but marked Honda’s marketing strategy as a top hit, the launch of all new Honda Civic facelift on 9th April understandably brought a huge smile within the automotive circle. The car is available in three variants with changes in interior and exterior design. The car emphasizes more on the youthful and dynamic aspect which is going to be a treat for all those who love sporty cars.

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Master Motors all set to start assembling plant by April 2019

Master motors in collaboration with Changan automobiles from China are all set to assemble passenger vehicles and vans by April 2019. The two companies had already signed the partnership agreement in June 2018 but the recent uplift of ban on non filers combined with government’s restrictions on import of vehicle has made it ideal for both the companies to initiate the vehicle assembling process instantly.

Honda Atlas and Pak Suzuki raise car prices by Rs. 100,000

Honda Atlas and Pak Suzuki have raised their car prices upto 100,000 Pakistani rupees. According to the notification released by both the companies, the price hike has been due to continuous rupee devaluation against the US dollar. On the other hand, the decision of the government to add 10% FED tax on locally made 1700 CC cars have also contributed to the price hikes.

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