Pak Suzuki issues new price list of its cars – 9th May 2022

Following suit of other car makers, Suzuki Pakistan brings you the latest price jump of most of its cars. Pak Suzuki increased the price of its car on 1st April 2022 last time before this revision.

Here are updated Suzuki new car prices in Pakistan:

Old Price – PKR Increase – PKR New Price – PKR
Alto VX 1,425,000 50,000 1,475,000
Alto VXR 1,675,000 58,000 1,733,000
Alto VXL AGS 1,886,000 65,000 1,951,000
Cultus VXR 2,250,000 80,000 2,330,000
Cultus VXL 2,474,000 90,000 2,564,000
Cultus AGS 2,662,000 100,000 2,762,000
Ravi 1,216,000 40,000 1,256,000
Swift GL MT 2,694,000 80,000 2,774,000
Swift GL CVT 2,908,000 90,000 2,998,000
Swift GLX CVT 3,169,000 129,000 3,298,000
Wagon R VXR 2,019,000 65,000 2,084,000
Wagon R VXL 2,129,000 70,000 2,199,000
Wagon R AGS 2,319,000 80,000 2,399,000


Prices are inclusive of FED and Sales Tax and are effective from 9th May 2022.

Although Suzuki didn’t mention it in their price circular, but like most of the other car makers in Pakistan, it can be safely said that the high prices are mostly attributed to higher international freight rates as well as depreciating Pak Rupee. 

It has become the norm of car makers to increase the prices of their cars almost on a monthly basis. Almost every month you hear news of some car manufacturer bumping up the prices of their cars. There have been talks to restrict these car companies from doing so but there is a high chance that these are just talks and nothing would happen about it.

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