All-new Honda Civic 2022 official unveiling imminent!

Honda Motors Pakistan will be digitally launching the highly anticipated and highly priced all-new Honda Civic 2022 on 4th of March 2022, according to official Honda Pakistan social media post. 

What does new Civic offer compared to outgoing model!

If you want to see the launch of the new 2022 Civic, head towards Honda Pakistan’s Facebook and YouTube channel on 4th of March at 1900 hours.

Keep in mind this is the ‘digital’ launch/unveiling; meaning, you will be only seeing the new car through your mobile or laptop screens and not the actual and physical launch. But on the other hand Honda has already opened the bookings of the new car without actually showing it to the potential buyers. Honda did the same thing when the new City was launched.

2022 Honda Civic

The top of the line new Civic is priced at eyewatering 6.1 million rupees. Previously it was Kia Sportage that really dented the sales and demand of the 10th gen Honda Civic in the last couple of years of its run. Sportage was priced so competively that people who were willing to spend 4 million on a sedan started to think why not spend a little more and get a bigger and arguably better vehicle like Sportage which, at least on paper, sounds like a more bang for a buck.

It will be interesting to see how successful the new car will be considering all the high competition versus the high price point of Civic 2022.

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