The Latest Automotive Industry Roundup in Pakistan

The thing about Pakistan’s automotive industry is that it just never ceases to amaze us. From the new automotive entrants to the existing automotive giants, there is no denial in the fact that the automotive circle is sprouted with news and updates that are bound to pave excitement within the automotive circle. In this regard, we are here with a comprehensive automotive industrial roundup that is filled with some exciting news for the readers.

Toyota Comes Up With Second-Generation Toyota Rush

The right word at the right time is a powerful alley and this proverbial marvel is best understood when you hear about Toyota who had launched second edition Toyota Rush on 10th September 2018. With the increasing pressure from the new entrants in the automotive sector combined with the sudden strong word of mouth against the cars produced by the local manufacturing companies, Toyota has just about pressed the right button by launching the second generation SUV and the hype around its launch is causing no damage to Toyota for sure.


United Bravo – The Cost Effective Automobile Entrant with Outstanding Features

For years we have witnessed the big three automotive giants ruling the roads in Pakistan and in order to get in the competitive circle, United Motors have launched United Bravo and have placed the 800CC hatchback in direct competition to Suzuki Mehran. The car has been priced at 0.85 million Pakistani rupees and the most exciting part of United Bravo is its lavish design and state of the art features as the car is equipped with rear parking camera, power windows, touch screen infotainment system and latest speedometer dials.




Toyota IMC to Invest Heavily in Local Automotive Industry:

With a whopping figure of 3.3 billion Pakistani rupees, Toyota IMC is planning to increase its production capacity in the country to 76000 units on a double shift basis. The news does not come as a surprise to many as the automotive giants had already revealed the company’s investment plan in a meeting organized by the competition commission of Pakistan. The company’s net profit in the current fiscal year has already risen up by 21.31% and by every means; the company is planning to do some exciting developments within the automotive circle.

Toyota CarFirst


Al Haj Group Signs an Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with Proton Motors

29th August was marked a landmark day for Al Haj Group as the company signed an agreement with Proton Motors to become an exclusive assembler and distributor of the Proton vehicles in the country. The move comes in wake of the recent wave of international automobile players investing heavily in Pakistan’s automobile sector. Al Haj group has acquired a separate land for an assembling plant in Karachi that would be involved for the assembling of sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers and SUV’s.

The advantages of the latest automotive policy 2016-21 is undoubtedly bringing in some exciting news within the automotive industry as some keynote international car manufacturers are planning to enter the Pakistan’s market. Not only does it increase the foreign investment, but it also creates a healthy competition within the industry which on the whole is expected to favor the general public.

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