January 2022 car sales down – Suzuki still on top!

Overall sales of cars in the month of January 2022 have been down 24.6% compared to December 2021, overall Suzuki Pakistan has taken the top spot with most cars sold in January 2022. According to PAMA (Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association), combined sales of cars in January 2022 was 20,610 units whereas it was 27,331 units in December 2021.

Pak Suzuki was able to sell 7,529 units of cars in January 2022. Although the figure of 7,529 sounds a lot compared to Honda and Toyota, but considering the fact Suzuki Pakistan sold 14,509 units in December 2021, 7,529 really isn’t a big number in comparison. Only the sales of local Alto (9,195 units) in December 2021 was more than the combined sales of all of their cars in January 2022. So overall, Suzuki Pakistan sold more cars than others. 

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Toyota Indus is really hitting it out of the park with the sales of its Corolla. Even though the car is now 8 years old, it still managed to grab the top spot for the 4th consecutive month in the sedan segment. Although like Honda Pakistan which always presents the combined figure of its City and Civic sedans, Toyota Indus has also started to do that with its Yaris and Corolla sedans since the Janurary 2022. But industry insiders report TIM (Toyota Indus Motors) sold 3,435 units of Corolla, the highest figure of units sold among sedans in Pakistan.  Toyota Indus must be delighted for being the top seller. That is just shy of 7.5pc increase compared to December 2021. 

There was a short time when Corolla’s younger sibling Yaris took the top spot, but it seems Corolla is back to where it belongs. Combined figures of Yaris and Corolla are 5,528 units for the month of January 2022.

Civic has seen some terrible sales due to the dwindling popularity and eye watering price of the otherwise a beloved sedan. And its been years since Honda Pakistan has been presenting the combined sales units of both City and Civic. Honda sold 3,646 units in the month of January 2022. Considering the new Civic 2022 is on the horizon, let’s see what the new car can do for Honda Atlas. But considering the prices of the new Civic, the picture looks bleak to say the least.

Hyundai sold 135 and 230 units of Tucson for the months of January 2022 and December 2021 respectively. Hyundai sold 172 units of Sonata, outselling Elantra by 63 units.

So this was a brief look at the sales of cars in January. Keep in mind some units that are not considered as a passenger vehicle have not been included in the count.

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