International Road Laws That We Need To Follow In Pakistan

It is no surprise that people in Pakistan barely stick to traffic rules unless there is evident and immediate penalty on breaking them. Besides these obvious and common rules, there are a number of others that, if broken, are punishable offenses. Some of them are as following:

Using Cell Phone for Navigation
Though the concept of using Navigation system is fairly new to most of the Pakistanis, there’s been an increase in its use recently – especially since online cab services have started their operations in the country. But there are no rules as such about its usage on one’s phone while driving.
There are countries, however, where one can be penalized for using navigation on one’s phone unless it is fixed on the dashboard or windscreen.

Overtaking On a Pedestrian Crossing
Much like many other traffic laws, parking before the pedestrian crossing is more or less lost on us. By law, not only does have to pull over before the crossing, but one also must not overtake a car that is pulled over before pedestrian crossing.

Rules For Crossing Roads

Using Your Horn in Residential Areas
Imagine you are taking rest after a long day at work; your boss was not particularly in a good mood so the day felt longer than usual. Now as you lie in your bed, appreciating the quietness of your humble abode, suddenly your neighbor’s impolite guests honk their horn so loud it could wake the dead. Annoying, right?
Well, here’s the news: it is also forbidden by law to use your horn in residential areas. Now go on and shower the next honka-honk with this information.don't honk

Driving Too Slowly
We have all experienced the frustration when someone in front of us is walking too slowly, and we really need to get somewhere quickly. That frustration increases fifty times more when there is a car before you driving slowly.
And you can be fined for it. Yes! You were wrong if you thought only driving faster than the given limit .

Murky Number Plate
If you live in Pakistan, and you haven’t been stopped by a warden for not using a computerized number plate in the recent past, Congratulations! You are a good citizen. But did you know that as per international traffic laws, having a number plate that’s covered in so much dust that it makes the number less visible, you’re committing an offense. Yet another reason to keep that baby of yours clean!

wrong parking
Parking Wrong Side of the Road at Night
No it is not okay to park it on the wrong side even during daytime but it is definitely more dangerous at night, because lack of daylight would make it more difficult to spot a wrongly parked car.

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