Even Honda has reduced its car prices!

After Toyota and Suzuki, Honda Pakistan has also decreased the prices of its cars.

Here are updated prices effective from 17th August 2022:

Old Price – PKR Decrease – PKR New Price – PKR
BR-V CVT-S 5,299,000 360,000 4,939,000
City Aspire CVT 1.5L 4,799,000 320,000 4,479,000
City Aspire M/T 1.5L 4,609,000 310,000 4,299,000
City CVT 1.2L 4,199,000 300,000 3,899,000
City CVT 1.5L 4,439,000 300,000 4,139,000
City M/T 1.2L 4,049,000 280,000 3,769,000
Civic 1.5L Standard 6,799,000 450,000 6,349,000
Civic 1.5L Oriel 7,099,000 500,000 6,599,000
Civic 1.5L RS 8,099,000 550,000 8,099,000


The new prices are applicable on current back order and orders booked from August 17, 2022.

It looks like even these companies have realised how unrealistic their prices had become in the last month or so. It is arguable that they do not care about the customers or consumer rights, but they do care about their profits. These companies might be feeling mighty pious with their virtue signaling but it the only reason these companies are bringing the prices down a bit is because they know no onw is going buy their overpriced featureless cars.

These reductions are definitely not enough. The price jumps were far higher than the decrease. But at this point, customers might even consider this small incremental decrease in prices a blessing.


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