Honda Pakistan bumps up Civic and City prices – 1st May 2022

Honda Pakistan instead of bringing eidi for its customers, is demanding eidi from the customer by force by increasing the prices of 3 of its cars just before Eid ul Fitr 2022.

Here are Honda new car prices for May 2022:

Current Prices – PKR Increase – PKR New Price – PKR
BR-V 1.5 CVT S 4,079,000 170,000 4,249,000
City 1.2L M/T 3,129,000 135,000 3,264,000
City 1.2L CVT 3,249,000 140,000 3,389,000
City 1.5L CVT 3,446,000 143,000 3,589,000
City Aspire 1.5L M/T 3,579,000 150,000 3,729,000
City Aspire 1.5L CVT 3,749,000 150,000 3,899,000
Civic 1.5T M CVT 5,399,000 150,000 5,549,000
Civic 1.5T Oriel M CVT 5,649,000 150,000 5,799,000
Civic 1.5T RS LL-CVT 6,499,000 150,000 6,649,000


New RSP is effective on all new orders booked from May 1st, 2022 and onwards. Customers who have already booked their cars before April 30 won’t be affected by the new price increase.

The price increase circular further says that the company is ‘compelled’ to pass on the part of the impact of further increase in FOREX to the market. It has become a norm of these companies to increase the prices of their cars wherever they want without any check and balance and blame the depreciating Pakistani rupee or increasing international transportation charges.

Strangely enough, the BR-V got the highest price increase of all the models. On one hand BR-V has entered Corolla’s price segment, on the other hand, the new Civic is slowly creeping into the Hyundai Sonata’s price bracket. Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.

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