From Gaming to Gainful Life Lessons

It was while playing Call Of Duty that I learned this valuable life lesson. After playing everyday for 2 to 4 hours for 5 months whilst increasing my fighting capacity & number of weapons. It occurred to me that all that consistency gets a little boring after a while. You keep earning points and going up in levels but the satisfaction to reach the final level keeps getting tougher and more monotonous. It’s a lot like life, you keep at something long enough and think the pay off will be amazing. However, once you get closer to the final stage of anything, you realize that it gets annoying and you just want to give up. That is when you reach the crossroads upon which one decides their fate, a wrong turn could mean going back in time and starting all over again or trying to start where you left off. That’s why it is so important to stay focused and keep consistent because if you don’t then you must start all over again. It’s during the boring and monotonous times is when you must keep on keeping on.

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