4 Simple Hacks to Make your Old Car Feel New

Just because you are using an old car doesn’t mean that you want your car to look old. While you may be burdening your pockets on the car’s performance and maintenance every month but the presence of tiny dents on your car combined with the sight of paint scratches can never give you a feel good factor. If you want your car to look new without spending a lot of money, here are four simple hacks which will make you feel good about your car:

Clean and Wax – The simplest option:

The easiest and probably the most important step is to get your car cleaned and waxed. All you have to do is to take your car to the nearest car wash station and get the dirt out if its skin. Afterwards, the idea to add the coat of wax is perhaps the most befitting one as you get an instant glow on your car which gives it a shiny and pleasant look.


Give some time to your car seats:

With the passage of time, your car seats tend to wore down as you spend so much of time sitting on them. The signs of tiny rips, fabric fading and uncomfortable cushions are common if you haven’t got some work done on your seats and in this regard, it is advisable to have seat fabric replaced and re-stuffed if required. In this car, your car’s interior is sure to give you good looks and sense of refinement while driving.

Fix problems that cause noise in your car:

While you may spend enough in getting your car in optimum condition, you won’t be satisfied until you have got rid of all the noises that you may be experiencing while driving. The trick is to get rid of the noises at the earliest as the more you would avoid it, the greater are the chances that it might result in any major overhaul that is going to be both time consuming and costly.


Upgrade your car with slight tweaks:

Although you may not find enough options to choose while you are thinking to upgrade your car, it is never bad to tweak into your old through you can bring your car closer to the newer models. For example, your old car’s factory radio can be replaced with something more new like Bluetooth or you can also tinker with your car’s engine in order to improvise your car’s existing performance.


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