Choosing the right car colour according to Pakistan’s extreme weather! 🥵

So you are looking to buy a car for yourself or your family? And are confused about what colour you should get? Well let us explain something that might not be obvious for many new car buyers.

The colour of the car plays an important role in the choice of the car, there is no doubt about it. But other than it being a personal choice, there are a few more important factors that we must consider.

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Pakistan’s automobile market is skewed in a strange kind of way. We buy cars not for ourselves, but for the next person who is going to buy it second hand from us. We try to keep the car as new as possible so that it can sell quickly whenever we want to get rid of it, and as quickly as possible.

And paint plays an important role here. White colour is considered the safest choice of them all. It is easy to maintain, and simple, and in case you scratch your car, it can easily be touched up.

But in this blog, we will talk how the paint colour of the cars from a different perspective. We are talking about buying a suitable car for the extreme heat of Pakistan.

Yes, white is the best colour of them all, and black is the worst. White reflects almost all of the light, and remains cool compared to the rest of the colours whereas black absorbs all of the light, and that light turns to heat, making your car hot in extreme hot days of Pakistan.

But what if you do not want to buy a car with plain ol’ boring white paint? Or something as extreme as a black? What is the second best choice, or the third, or the fourth? With white being the best, and black being the worst paint for extreme hot temperatures of Pakistan, let’s find out what other choices you have.

Other than white that reflects the most light and is cooler than other colours, is silver. Sliver, like white, also reflects most of the sun’s light, making it less warm than the others. Experts say silver can reflect as much as 60% of sunlight, which makes a huge difference compared to black colour car.

But now here is the thing. The colours getting heat up from the sun is one of the aspects of thermodynamics. So in this regard, the rules are simple; the lighter the colour, the more light it will reflect, absorbing less heat, and in return becoming less hot. 

It comes to the point whether your car has a dark or light colour. Like a light blue coloured car will be cooler than a dark blue coloured car. Similarly, a beige coloured car is going to be cooler than a dark brown coloured car.

The lighter the colour of the car, more efficiently it will reflect all that intense sunlight, keeping the surface of the vehicles relatively cooler.

Also, the surface paint of the car impacts the temperature of the cabin of the car. According to a study, the temperature a car painted with dark colour gets 5° to 6° C compared to a light coloured car after being parked for an hour in direct sunlight. This is fine in winters, and maybe better in winters, but during summers and outside temperatures in most cities of Pakistan can reach as high as 50° C, well that can be a massive problem. And when the insides are hot, it is going to take the air conditioner longer and harder to maintain the temperature for the passengers. 

Keep in mind that the colour of the interior and the material of upholstery also matters, and outer paint is just one of the variables in this regard, but yes, it is safe to say that it does matter that is the colour of the car.

So yes, you do not have to buy cars with just the boring white colours. You can buy other light coloured cars as well considering they are going to be much better to live with during the extreme hot Pakistani weather compared to the dark coloured cars. Besides, dark colours are pain to maintain. Other than heat, we also have a lot of dust in the atmosphere due to constant and alarming reduction of forests and green areas. And that dust is more visible on dark colours like maroon, dark red, and dark blue than other colours like sky blue, beige, silver, or even yellow and orange, if you are feeling brave enough.

Let us know what the colour of your car is and which one you like the best, in the comments section below.


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