Changan Pakistan’s warehouse on fire, massive damages reported!

There is a video of a burning building circulating the social media lately claiming that it was a Changan Pakistan’s warehouse storing more than 100 imported kits of both Alsvin and Oshan. Changan’s plant in Pakistan is situated in Port Qasim, Karachi, and apparently the fire cost the company as much as 2 billion rupees in damages.

Watch the video below:

Initially, it was feared that the fire was in the manufacturing plant of the company. Later it was told that it was basically a rented warehouse space of the company where they keep various unassembled kits of their models that have been imported from China.

Although the company official mentioned that there wasn’t significant damage to the property, rumours have been suggesting that the company has held the damage approximation in case it causes panic among their customers who have booked Changan vehicles or are already waiting for the delivery of their new cars.

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Changan is on a roll in Pakistan and is doing much better than most new entrants and it is possible it might be an attempt at sabotage to slow down the pace of the company. But these are just rumours and there is no way to prove so take it with at least a spoon full of salt.

The company has recently started testing two more new vehicles in the country; Oshan X5 and CS35 Plus.

Changan CS35 Plus

The company officials while talking to the media have denied all the rumours and have claimed that they are on track to assemble and deliver vehicles.

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