In less than a month, Changan increases prices of its cars again – 10th May 2022

Another blog, another price increase news. And this time it is Changan Pakistan that has increased the prices of its cars. Keep in mind Changan increased the prices of its cars on 19th April, 2022. That is less than a month ago, and they have already done it again.

Here are the updated prices of Changan cars in Pakistan.

Current Price – (PKR) Increase – (PKR) New Price – (PKR)
Alsvin M/T Comfort 2,769,000 125,000 2,894,000
Alsvin DCT Comfort 3,024,000 125,000 3,149,000
Alsvin DCT Lumiere 3,219,000 125,000 3,344,000
Oshan X7 Comfort 5,750,000 300,000 6,050,000
Oshan X7 FutureSense™ 5,950,000 400,000 6,350,000

Prices are inclusive of sales tax, FED, and freight charges. These prices have become effective from 9th May, 2022. In previous price revision, both Oshan X7 variants were spared from the increase. In this revision, however, Oshan x7 sees a hefty price increase but smaller Changan vehicles like Karavan and M9 have not been included.

Changan has finally started deliveries of Oshan X7 even though the company faced some delays due to the unavailability of parts thanks to the Covid-related lockdown in China. This is something similar to what Proton had to face as well and its customers had to wait more than a year in some cases.

Car companies usually blame depreciating pak rupee as well as higher international transportation charges. Although Changan hasn’t mentioned any particular reason in its circular, it’s safe to say that Changan has similar reasoning behind its decision.

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