And This Is What I Am

Life is a word that has beautiful feelings, emotions and colors, who taught us how to live. If it has flowers, then there too are thorns. If it has light, then there is darkness as well. If it has sadness then there is peace.

If any human has all the blessings of the world like love, wealth, health, education or happiness, you’ll see the man saying that life is beautiful, other than the hopeless one. And in this sunny shady life, both our grief and happiness are hidden.

In my life, flowers and thorns, sunshine, happiness and sadness have a lot to do with it. The same as any parents, mine wished to have healthy offspring at home.

And they wanted to welcome their first child with great joy and love. When I came into this world on April 04, 1992, everyone was so happy that Allah had given them a son. There was joy and celebrations everywhere in my Family, the doctor said the baby had some belly problems. My parents were very upset to hear this, the joy that was being celebrated turned into grief and then the preparations for my operation started. The doctors told us that there is no anesthetic gas available in the hospital right now and we could not arrange because today is a strike in Lahore. They asked us to wait for a day or more. Then a close friend of the doctor told him about a private clinic which had a gas and operation facility. My father who loved me very much took me to this place without a care of any circumstance for my operation.

My mother was also admitted to the hospital after my birth. Five days after my operation, I was hung on my mother’s lap. According to her, I was a very healthy and blond baby. When my mother took off my blanket, she started crying. Because one of my hands was not normal. Then she looked at my belly which was covered with bandages. She was about to lose her senses. My father handled her with a lot of difficulty. Two days later when I woke up in my mother’s lap, I started having seizures. At that time, I was admitted to the hospital and the doctors checked me. The doctors called a child specialist who could examine me. After the specialist examined me, my parents were told that I had two holes in my heart. Then you can imagine what they went through. My parents sacrificed their comfort, sleep and everything for me. My mother, who could not walk much because of the operation, sacrificed her comfort for the sake of my life.

Then one day at home and ten days spent in the hospital. And the wheel kept spinning like that, helplessness, greed of the doctors, behaviors of relatives and my parents struggle. And I reached the age of five, I could not walk and would stay in bed, many attempts were made to help me. But I couldn’t walk and used to crawl for many years. I used to crawl by knees from one room to another, from one place to another, I used to watch other kids play. Due to continuous crawling I had wounds on my knees. My mother used to cry while washing my wounds on a daily basis.

At the age of six, I started walking, it was a very happy day for my parents. That day my mother distributed sweets all over the neighborhood. Then after a few days, my mother started my religious education. She appointed a reader for my religious education. During that time, I had 19 more abdominal operations. The arm and hand were plastered. In the meantime, my aunt and grandmother introduced me to school. Wearing a uniform and hanging the bag around my neck, I went home with my aunt. My mom got emotional watching me. My father made a big noise when I went to school. He said that it might do harm. He announced no kid would push me anywhere so I should be at home. Then my maternal grandmother and parents started teaching me at home.

Sometimes my belly wounds got worse, with a hole in my heart, my heart rate dropped sometimes and then I had to go to the hospital. My dad was a businessman and ran a factory of tiles. Due to the constant absenteeism he experienced loss. And then one day they had to sell that factory. At the doctor’s suggestion my father was ready to take me out of the country for the operation of holes in my heart. But a panel of doctors who came from the UK conducted my operation in Pakistan and I got open heart surgery. Just then the time passed like this and my father moved to Islamabad to earn a living. One day my mom was alone in the house that I was unconscious. I started to vomit and then fainted, I started having epileptic seizures. I was taken to the hospital, my father was notified and arrived immediately to Lahore from Islamabad. All of this happened to me often.

Then I recovered and returned home, my father went back to Islamabad. During this time my belly also underwent surgery, whose scars are still there, it hurt me a lot. At school I was not allowed to go alone. My grandmother or aunt used to go with me. One day suddenly I started to have seizures again in the absence of my Father and I was taken to the emergency room. After my examination, the doctor told my Mother that he is dead. My family was turned to resort after this news. And suddenly a doctor ran away and he told them the baby’s breathing. The doctor took me to the Cardiology hospital. Doctors said I just had dirty blood in my body that had to be drained immediately. For which I will have to be operated on and the blood removed by a drain. Which was a major operation and the chances of survival were low. My blood was A- that was not found. My parents spread the news all over his circle that we need A- blood as soon as possible. Then the blood matched with my aunt. Four hours left in my operation that my mother went into the ICU. She found that one child had died of the same operation and the rest of the children are in critical condition. Then they took me home secretly and once again I came out on the mercy of life.

My hand had four operations with the passage of time. Due to which my hand got slightly straight. One day all my family members were sitting and talking. I started crying that I couldn’t see my eyesight was blurred and then I was taken to the hospital. After a long day of treatment, Allah gave me my sight back. In my treatment a lot of money was spent. Due to which my father had to sell his tiles factory, car, house and then jewelry. That I was taken to Karachi by air because I was not allowed to travel by train or bus. Dr. Kaleem ud Din examined me. Then I took to another Bratina team who was in PC hotel. They made a movie on my illness and watched to make some valuable decision. My family was surprised to know that it is on the right side. I have damaged lunges too which is declared as blessing and miracle of Allah by doctors. There is no doctor in Lahore who has not seen me.

Time passed and I passed the Bachelors examination. These days my cousin told me about a job and asked me for an interview. My parents made a lot of noise on it and scolded me that you wouldn’t go anywhere. They argued that it’s a long-distance way and I should not get anything along the way. Despite all the opposition, I was interviewed by CEO, Mr. Raja Murad & then Head of Finance Department, Mr. Saad Shahid and got selected in CarFirst. Then my mom handed me over to Allah and started sending me to the office. This company gave me a lot of opportunities, happiness and success. Now, I am working here as an Operations Executive and want to serve in such a way so that this company will remember me in their good books.

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