2019: A troubling year for new car buyers?

Hello Readers! We all know that 2019 was terrible year for automotive industry in general but we, at CarFirst, decided to find out how bad it actually was for those purchasing cars. 

Our process was simple,  to know just how much of a loss (i.e net increase in price) you’d be incurring when buying a new car we gathered data from the three big assemblers/ OEMs; Honda, Toyota and Suzuki and compared prices from the beginning of the year till the end.

The results, as expected, were astronomical changes in invoice prices, with car prices on an unprecedented price hike. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself:










Well, there you have it folks! The numbers don’t lie. If you want to switch your car, look into exchanging it or purchasing a used car. Lucky for you, at CarFirst, we do both! We’ll also buy your old car and take it off your hands!





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